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Double Diaphragm Differential pressure gauge

Double Diaphragm Differential pressure gauge

Double Diaphragm Differential pressure gauge mainly used for measuring the difference between two pressure values such as flow measurement, tank level, the entrance and exit of pump, oil pipeline and high pressure pump station, etc. It can operate safety when overpressure take place and also suitable for corrosion environments.
  • Size:  4”(100mm), 6”(160mm)
  • Measuring range: 0~16kPa ... 1.6MPa
  • Max static pressure: 10MPa, 25MPa, 40MPa
  • Dial: white aluminum with markings and graduations
  • Window: safety glass lens
  • Pointer: black painted aluminum, adjustable
  • Case: sus304, optional sus316
  • Movement: sus304
  • Socket: sus316
  • Diaphragm Capsule: dual sus316
  • Connection: dual 1/2"NPT, G1/2" male or female
  • Accuracy: ± 1% , ± 1.6%, ± 2.5% of full scale
  • Operating Temperature Limit: -6 ~ 60°C (-21 ~ 140°F)
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