Since 1988 Chuen Charng has manufactured pressure gauge, thermometer, metal ball. Being a leading and expert manufacturer in Taiwan and China under Japan high tech know-how and Taiwan strict management organization. In light of these impeccable merits, we have come into reliable reputation and prominence in the industry. For years, our market share has been successful in USA, Asia & Europe. We always know our stable quality is the key way to win more continuous patronage. Providing high quality product, attractive price and prompt delivery are our goal. Expect to bring impressed satisfactory and establish long-term relation with you to create more mutual benefits.

c27000 brass / copper solid ball - CHUEN CHARNG CO LTD

CHUEN CHARNG CO LTD strives to research and develop quality, energy-efficient Bearing Steel Balls to benefit the consumers. We can manufacture Brass Ball, brass ball, copper solid ball that meet specific requirements. Our first responsibility is to completely satisfy the needs of the people and organizations that use and distribute our products while providing the best value solutions for their Brass Ball requirements. Customer service is another commitment we take seriously, our proven reputation and record of quality support won't leave you stranded.
Brass Ball

Brass Ball

Brass balls performs good corrosion resistance in environments where fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene and alcohol. It also provides excellent electrical conductivity. Brass ball is used for automotive and electronic industries and for widely in the security and appliance industries’ dip and tilt switches.

- Size: 0.30mm ~ 25.4mm

- Grade: 100, 200, 500

- Hardness: HRC 75-87 min

-Tensile Strength: 45kgf/mm2

-Specific Gravity: 8.53
Features :

Resistance to corrosion by water, electrical conductivity
General Usage: Electronics, automotive & security appliances

Specification :


AISI C27000





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